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Lowkey I can’t believe you didn’t blur that. It counts as a spoiler, no?


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Spoilers for Seven Roses by Chloe X

WHAT? The unknown guy in the skeleton costume is REECE’S EX-BOYFRIEND? I thought it was going to be Ethan’s dad or something! :scream: I hate Oscar (Reece’s ex) even more now. :rage: But…I have a question. When Oscar kidnapped Lydia in an earlier episode, didn’t she knock him out with a baseball bat, or something? Why didn’t she take his mask off then? She could have found out who he was sooner. :thinking:

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Pretty sure everyone knows this…but…

You can see what posts of yours a certain user has liked… :eyes:


Sorta a spoiler but not really

The Voice…most of you know John gas joined this year, he complements the singers and tells them things that make some of them be happy and choose him. Hes probably going to win…but I’m still #TEAMKELLY for life

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Here’s a spoiler for the Episode story Speak. Read at your own risk

Liz goes mute again at the end of the story and she doesn’t end up getting her voice back.


Spoilers for Chasing the Bad Girl by Melissa LaVone

Vanessa was the one who killed Tannis’ mother! She buried his mom in the backyard of Tannis’ house! And Detective Corolla — ahem, I mean Needlebutt — had a serious obsession with Carla’s father, and she was the one who ordered the men to kill Carla and her parents! (Carla managed to escape.) And Destiny, Officer Chadwick (I think that’s his name?)'s daughter, IS ALIVE! Corolla told the men to kidnap her! Corolla and Vanessa are such messed up people — I wanna slap them in the face! :rage: Maybe @24aya should bake them :joy:


Maybe I should :smirk: maybe I will :upside_down_face:

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Yaaassss, bake 'em :joy:

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After I read that story :shushing_face::woman_cook:

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It’s a good story :smile:

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Looking like it :wink:adds to favourite :rose:

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I’m thinking of trashing all my current stories except for my published one. I’m also thinking of revamping it…but I’m too lazy :joy:


Divergent Series SPOILER (not movies, books)

k so Tris and Tobias are Divergent, outiside the city is just a government owned facility and Tris dies and it’s really depressing

very bad summary


Spoiler for Adventurous: Seven Seas by Lyra

MC is Drakkur’s daughter… or son?


Spoilers for The Game by Amber J. Martin

The main character is the villain! Not Diana! Was Diana real? :thinking:


Spoilers for Shattered Hearts (unreleased story):

Luna, Frank, Titania, Giovanni, Augustus, and Sebastian all get revenge on Benedict, and he gets punished for his crimes. His crimes: murder, kidnapping, battery & assault, rape (Luna and Titania), forced marriage, fraud, abuse, thievery, unlawful seizure of the Imperial Throne, and blackmail…

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Spoiler: India Becomes The Fourth Country To Test Anti-Satellite Weapons

Jai Hind :india:


This post looks so awkward now that the custom emojis don’t exist anymore because of copyright :joy:


Spoiler for Making Lemonade by Joriemar

While Rosalinda is gone, Jayson falls in love with and marries Juliet. He doesn’t end up with Rosalinda at the end. Rosalinda ends up with this guy she meets named Ian.