Take A Trip to Raven Hood!

Hello, Episode Community!

Take a wonderous trip to Raven Hood where all your artistic needs come to life!

What you need, we can provide!

  • Splashes
  • Backgrounds
  • Art Scenes
  • Coding
  • And whatever else that goes onto this long behind list!

Note: All of us as a community should work together and be peaceful and kind. It is the least we can do for the Episode Company! So, no drama and no rude comments. If you use profanity, please be kind and mindful not to curse people out of their names. It’s the respectful thing to do.

Our Goal is to simply have fun and enjoy peoples company. Please be patient with everyone who makes art for you. Art takes time and time means a perfect art for your story, okay? Also, all episode groups, lets not be competitive because we all want to do the same thing - have fun and enjoy making people happy through our art! So, please no drama, but collaboration is key to helping everyone in our community! <

Love you all!

Come and check out Isa_Love_Panda, and Ms.Kate, and Chrissy and Sof bestie for life, ankita, and many others who would love to help you!
We are also trying to add newcomers, so if you would like to join Raven Hood, travel down and message us!

Our artwork is below!


My art:


My Art - @Ms.Kate


If you want to join please fill out this application


My art


That looks really amazing! May i ask what you use to edit?

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I draw with the ibispaint.

Can i request an art scene @Decembermaria20?

The top one is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Can I request an art scene @decembermaria20?

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You can but she has 7 request i think and she promised them monday but you can leave you deatils.

@MariG and @southampton23

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Ok. The latest I need my for is 11th of July so hopefully she can do it. Does she have a form?

Just send the deatils here were gonna open on wensday were just getting organized

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@decembermaria20 Art scene Request.

Here are the Character details

Skin - Fair Rose
Brows - Straight Medium
Hair - Slicked back Solid - Warm White
Eyes - Monolid Slender - Brown Black
Face - Square Jaw
Nose - Hooked Grecian
Lips - Full Heart Natural - Fair Rose Matte

Can I have him against this background please :slight_smile:

I would like him to be quite angry in the pose, be facing the camera and perhaps have a few strands of lose hair on his face. If possible, Could he be holding a samurai sword in his left hand (Holding it across his chest?) Can it be a of his Torso up to his head or perhaps from just under the knife on his trousers are to his head?

Take your time. I know you have a lot to do. I can provide further details if you wish :slight_smile:


Could you have made a cover for me?
If I send you the link to the story, could you have made it?
There are six characters.
Sorry is not so good at explaining things.
Send something back, that’s fine for you. ok?

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I need the characters and the title please.

The secret keeper

How long will it take?

today or tommorow

Oh ok