Take A Trip to Raven Hood!

Perfect! thank you one more favor can u make ot like in portrait mode


@Chesirekitten101 size is 640 1136

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Portrait yeah I can do that

You can use another cool background

Like what ?

There are a lot of good background on pinterest

are here anymore request

When You find it give me it and i resize it


but are there anymore requests to do

thank you

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Its my pleasure

Could I make a request for an art scene???

I’m sorry, i had sent a bunch of people to do my cover. And one person have already done it. I don’t need covers now

@TKS you have been accepted to the group pm me for more imformation or @Chesirekitten101

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Thanks <3

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Hey! Are you still taking requests?

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No you have to go to episode harmony that’s the group now