Does anyone know why I can’t do this animation and rear at the same time its limelight btw I really need help with this?

send yr code

@PAPARAZZI spot 1.354 42 -73 AND PAPARAZZI is takephoto_camera_happy_loop AND PAPARAZZI is rear

You can only use rear animations if you want your character to be rear. I don’t know Limelight animations too well, but if there is no rear version of the camera animation, I don’t think you can do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i don’t think that there is a rear animation for the take photo camera happy animation. Hm, n I don’t think u can do it at the same time. If the animation did had a rear one, then it would work hm.

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if your style was in INK then it would work because there is a rear animation. Hm, just saying. :wink: So maybe have your paparazzi on the side of the screen taking the photos.

okk thank you so much