Taking a 1 Person, 3/4 Body, Art Request

So here’s the deal. I want to practice some art. So I’m taking 1 request for a 1 Person, 3/4 Body art piece!
Now I don’t have any examples, but I do have a WIP atm.


(nevermind the dudes hands on the left. His hands will be in pockets so I didn’t spend much time on them :wink:)

Here’s how it’s going to work.

  • you make your request, just describe the pose that you would like. Describe how it looks, if there’s any emotions or anything. DO NOT give character details yet.
  • You do not have to state which style it is in (LL or Ink) because it is a realistic art piece.
    However, you can state it if you’d like.
  • State which gender the character is please.
  • I will choose 1 person and I will do their request
  • please do not get mad if I don’t choose you. I will be doing the one I’m most inspired to do.

Please give a detailed description. Like maybe describe what led up to the scene. Just make it sound less boring. The more detailed your description, the bigger chance you have at me choosing you.


  • You must credit my Instagram @kaiden_doestuff in your story. (Not as an optional choice) you must credit me properly.
  • Be patient, seriously, if you’re too pushy and stuff then I’ll just stop working on it and choose someone else’s request
  • I am allowed to post the art on my Instagram page. You may give a specific time that you don’t want me to post. But I will eventually post it.

So far, as of March 30th, none of the ones commented have inspired me. Keep commenting, I might choose yours!

Thank you, and Happy Writing :two_hearts:
I’ll be Waiting for your Comments!!

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She winks directly to the camera and has her thumb up.



Something similar to this (or pick whatever is easiest for you):
Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 4.15.18 PM

Or you can make one!

She winks at the camera with a gun over her shoulder and a knife in her hand.

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Hey @maryfernsby @AnaliyahWrites @Grimm_writez I have chosen to use this and enter a cover contest instead. None of your descriptions really spoke to me I’m sorry :pensive: Sydney_H please close! :relaxed: