Taking a break from the episode community


Dear the episode community, I decided I’ll will be taking a break from the forums. It’s not out of spite, or anything like that. Now that’s it’s the summer, I decided I’ll be taking a break from writing on Episode and being an active figure in the community. That being said, thank you to everyone who has been so kind and welcoming to me. :heart:

@ChayChay @WinterMoon05 @Alex_Af @loveyourself @nemimutt @TheTurtleTrainer @TheOfficialQueens @GirlLykAnn @Drama_Queer @bossyroxy411 @MariaG @PerplexedJam @Jeremy

Thank you to so much more people, but that’s everyone I could remember off the top of my head. :heart:


Hope to see you again and have a great remainder of your summer! You are always welcome back :smiley:


Thank you, I’m sorry for all the drama btw. :heart:


Awww… we will miss you… but have fun!!! And when you get back I’m sure we will be here waiting for you!!! You are awesome just remember that!!!


Same goes to you, you’re awesome! I’ll miss you girl. :heart:


nooooooooooo I’ll miss u :cry:


:sweat:you are going :tired_face: oh… wait , don’t forget to leave me some ice-cream and enjoy your summer​:hugs:


Of course, here’s ur lifetime suplly of ice creams! :heart::hugs:


I’ll miss you two, my silence buddy. :heart:


Whoop whoop :hugs: thank you for ice-cream :yum:
Hope you enjoy your summer :wink:


Hope you enjoy the never ending heatwave :+1:


We will miss you round here but enjoy your summer! :blue_heart:


Aww we’ll miss you too :cry: You should enjoy your summer and do stuff while relaxing. Enjoy :blush::heart:


Thank you very much for the very kind words and wish you an awesome break!



I’m gonna miss you! I love you too.