Taking a break from the forums

Hi guys! So as you may know from the title, I am taking a break from the forums. It’s not any mental illness issue or anything, it’s just that it’s the summer holidays and I’ve not spent much time off my electronics. I’ve been really busy too and I am starting to become inactive on my RPs. I will, for now, take at least a week off the forums. I will be popping in every now and then though.

People who might want to know
@kitty4322 - for the ayto rp
@epi.alyssaa - for the Beverly High rp
@sunflower.jm - for the New Gods rp
@Cam - For the Exsousia rp
@Episode.BriarRose @oorgeloop @epi.alyssaa can take over the love island sign ups for now
@EpisodeGirl for the Fairytaled rp
and more.

To all my RPs, someone can temporarily adopt my character/s, if they’d like.


Aww hun take your break and enjoy summer while it’s here!

Thank you sweetheart :heart: is it okay if you mind the kiddos? I mean, you always do. I’m gone off working aka rping..

No problem! :heart:

Thank youu ~

Oh and btw if you are by any chance going to some reastorant where they have a good pizza take me there too.

To Killarney’s four star pizza it is!

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