Taking A Break from this Forum



Hey, everyone. Starting today, I’ll be taking a break from the Forums. I’m coming in occasionally, but I will be back soon. It was nice knowing everyone. I love you. :gift_heart::revolving_hearts:

Anyways, a lot of stuff has been overwhelming me. I’m stressed out, hurt, depressed, and angry. I need to take this break. Please take care of yourselves. I don’t want any drama when I come back.

To Episode Bomb:
And many more…
To everyone else, I love you! I care about you, and I want everyone to be happy. :hugs::slight_smile::grin::blush:




NOOO YOU CAN’T!!! :sob:


I completely understand! It was a pleasure getting to know you in episode bomb! I hope to see you on the forums again some time!! :grin:


I’m glad I was able to know you


I’m coming back.


Omg so sad
pls take care I love you and u trully are a friend
thank u 4 so much
please talk to me when you come back!




I will. packs stuff and smiles


That’s sad​:upside_down_face: I have quite seen you on forum :grin: will love to see you again :wink:
And I want food too😐 Atleast a cake🙃


You get a cake too! :grin::cake:
I don’t know you, but I feel like I do.


:grin:aw…thanks for cake​:yum: see you soon :hugs:


Hmpt hmpt. I’ll miss you. Let us know when you are back :blush:


See you soon too!


:eyes: + 2 :upside_down_face:


:wave:t3: Love you.



Love your self :upside_down_face:


Yeet I don’t really know you that well (except that one time you were ICONIC) but I do hope you come back.
Take care of yourself.




I’m not an icon, girl!