Taking art requests for practice! (Closed)

Hey, Ankita here. I am taking requests for practice. (Headshots & Half body only)
(Please don’t request if you already have an art from me.)

Some Examples of my new Art style that I want to practice

If you’re are interested you can fill the form below,

  • Purpose of the art (ex: Pfp/art scene/cover) :
  • LL/Ink:
  • Number of characters (Max 2) :
  • Character Details with image:
  • Outfit With image :
  • Pose details:
  • Others:

If I accept your request All you need to do is give me some credits When you use the artwork. That’s all.

Credits : Use my forumname and Instagram name @ankita_illustrates to give credits.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT steal or trace my works.

Thank you.:blue_heart:

Art Requests (Completed & Ongoing) :

  1. @/Nova.Writes :heavy_check_mark:
  2. @/Kande10 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. @/irenebebe :heavy_check_mark:
  4. @/evelyn.woods :heavy_check_mark:
  5. @/erandi :crayon:



Want me to do art for you again / to do more than 2 characters / full body art? My commissions are open. My prices are affordable too. You can pm me here or Instagram (@ankita_illustrates) for more details.

Price List

Portraits : $8 (+ $4 for extra characters)
Half Body: $12 (+$6 for extra characters)
Full Body : $16 (+$8 for extra characters)
Animals: $5 (Starting at)



Hai love. Idk what kind of details you want. But if you don’t mind doing this, please let me know if you can’t :yay: :blob_hearts:

Character deets

Body - Female aethletic - Gold 05
Brows - High Arched Angled - Black Dark
Hair - Wavy Long - Deep Brown
Eyes - Heavy Lid Upturned Falsies - Blue Aqua
Face - Square Defined
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Round Pouty Vampire Fangs - Rose Dark Nude Gloss

(However could you please make the eyes a glowy red)

Character Outfit

Pose reference


Photo of character

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Hi I would like to request.

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Hey, can you please gimme an image of the character?? :innocent:

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Oh yes ofc lemme include it :33

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Hey, sure. :heart:

Also what is it for?? So I can make it in correct size.

Artscene/splash :))

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hey are you still taking any? Also, is it okay if I request even though I already got art from you???

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Hey love, are you still taking requests? If you’re full or if it’s not okay.:revolving_hearts:

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@jr913 and @phoenix.brunet i am not taking request anymore. Sorry. :heart:


Heyy I completed it. I hope you will like it.


I will PM you the without watermark version.


That’s absolutely beautiful thank you so much <3

Hey if u are still taking requests I would love to do one it’s ok if not… if yes could I maybe pm u?

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Hey I pm’d you


i have a question can you do sci fi @ankita_illustrates art scene

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Hey, Hun. Can you explain a little about what kind of Sci-fi scenario you want.

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Hi @ankita_illustrates


i have wanted a art scene that shows character floating inside of room but also in space ship but
window color can it be blue in middle and by side that holding window can be grey and small nails can be white and also background is grey and can their be like helmet with pluging next to helmet and also there can be outside of window shows blue and mixture color outside of outer space

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It’s inside a spaceship right?

And yes I can make it. You can gimme the details.

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