Taking cover/splashes requests

Hi!! I decided to take cover/splash requests, in a simple character editing!

If its a cover:
Pls tell your story, author name, and ch details along with the theme.

If its a splash: tell me how u want it, along with the details.

Ex) This is a cover

(This is a splash)


Hi there! Would you be able to make me a few splashes for me?

~Splash 1~

What it says:
Warning please be advised that this story uses mature themes and strong language

No idea, something black or red or dark & dangerous I guess?

On the Splash:
My female character -
Tan skin
Black Wavy Hair
Blue Upturned Bold eyes
Seductive Arch eyebrows
Elven nose
Blush Full Round lips
Round Face

And can she be doing the talk_angry_accuse pointed finger and have either a censor bar over her mouth or in a bubble?

My male character-
Caramel Skin
Chestnut Brown Spiked Up Hair
Green Deepset sloping eyes
Medium Sharp Eyebrows
Chiseled Square Face
Button Nose
Taupe Smirk Lips

And can he be doing the dismayed position with his hand on his head?


~Splash 2~

What it says:
The characters choices and actions may not agree with your own.

Again I have no clue, just punk rocky lol

And her doing the shrug pose?

~Splash 3~

What it says:
Thanks for reading! If you want updates/sneak peaks follow me on instagram @lyzze.episode

Something light blue and girly lol

On the splash:

My avi-
Chestnut Brown Wavy hair
Blue Downturned Blond eyes
Smooth Arch eyebrows
Tan Skin
Full Round Blush Lips
Oval Face
Soft Natural nose

And can she be doing the blow_kiss?

Sorry if it’s a lot! (I got rid of my photoshop so I can’t do it myself) :see_no_evil:

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Okay its accepted!! Whats the theme, story title, author name?

Your request is accepted!

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Hi! i would love a cover

i would like a female ink of a girl holding a gun next to her face with a smirk
this is more of a clip art but just wondering if you could do this?

if not, that is totally fine x

can I request a cover?
character 1 - MC
eyes-upturned bold/brown
hair-fishtail braid/black
brow-seductive arch
outfit- any clothes
character 2 -boy
eyes-classic round/green
face-defined triangle
hair-short cropped hair/black
brow-thick arch
outfit-lady rose tattoo, any clothes
character 3-boy
eyes-athletic round/blue
hair- boy bun/cayenne
brow-bushy wide
mouth-small round/taupe
face-defined triangle
outfit-ear piece with mic and lady rose tattoo, any clothes
Story title-Worthy/put it in the middle or at the bottom
note-say “i hate you, but i just can’t stay away” show upper half of their body not full body, have a tear come down the MC’s face and the animation is idle_sad_clutch and a small glow or light is underneath her hands while the 2nd boy character comforts her, but has a gun behind his back and the 3rd character is faded in the background doing the search animation
background - someplace dark

I actually don’t need these splashes anymore. I found a new app that lets me make them on my own. Thanks though!:grin:

Hi are you still taking request?

hi, could you please make a splash for me
style - limelight

Hair - Long wavy parted in aqua grey
Skin - neutral 3
Brows - arched natural in deep brown
Eyes - female generic in blue green
Face - diamond
Nose - round button upturned
Lips - full round pouty

Skin: neutral 03
Brows: straight medium, black dark
Hair: Tousled Loose Curls Long, Black dark
Eyes: male generic, green emerald
Face: male generic
Nose: straight narrow
Lips: Full Heart Natural

Hi I’m looking for a cover request please.
Story: Mysterious Love
Author name: Soph.eps & Missmayi.episode
First character: Chloe Johnson- details
Face shape- Oval
Body- Light
Brow- Defined natural
Eyes- Upturned Feline White
Hair- Straight Auburn
Nose- Upturned
Lips- Full round Scarlett
Second character: Max Moretti- details
Face shape- Chiseled square
Body- Tan
Brow- Medium sharp
Eyes- Stoic almond Black
Hair- Spiked up hair Black
Nose- Button
Lips- Uneven Blush
Oh he also has tattoos too I’ll add photos for references!
So I want the cover so that he has his arm around her and he’s holding a gun with the other hand, her leg is wrapped around his body… he’s got a devilish smirk on his face and she is looking at him with pure lust and love.
I want the font to be in red because red is a big colour in the story :slight_smile:
A city background but blurred out if that’s okay :slight_smile:

The clothes in the photo is what I would like them to be wearing on the cover! If this could be a big cover too thankyou so much!

Hey! I’m interested In a cover, and I was wondering if I could PM you the details?