:blob_hearts: Taking Edited Cover Art Requests for Free :blob_hearts: [OPEN]

I love editing so I was thinking of helping you guys in making cover art edits

I don’t usually create artworks but I recently tried to make one using a refrence sketch for my artwork but the main problem is that I don’t have a good painting app and I’m currently using a phone without a touch pen so it’s really complicated to paint using fingers but I can easily make an edit for sure


You can request me for an edit either here or my instagram
Instagram: @writeszone

I make
• Small cover
• Large cover

In order to request an art you have to send me the following things

The character details

A screenshot of the character with white bg

The outfits

The outfits along with any extra tattoos or freckles

A background

A background for the cover only if you want

A short description

If you can give a short description of your story than it will help me a lot in finding backgrounds, etc…

The rules are quite easy to follow
• You have to follow me on instagram​:sweat_smile::sparkles:
• You have to provide me you instagram ID so that I could mention you on my posts​:innocent::sparkles:
• Don’t claim this edited covers to be your own if you were caught to do this you will be blocked

sorry if you find any mistake in my typing cuz this is my first time to write such a big post😅 and you can message me if you find any problem


Your edits are so cute! Good Luck!!

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That’s so cool, I’m @cassandraamilieonepisode, on instagram :smile:
I would love to see more of your covers and art :heart:

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Good luck ! :crossed_fingers: Your edits are nice

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I didn’t found your insta ID can you please try searching me on insta @writeszone