Taking every single request...?

Ok guys so if you don’t know who I am, I do art and I write stories. When I’m not writing I’m doing art. I usually look on the art resources page for people asking for art. Now no hate here, just curious: when I look I see just about the same people every single time that say they will do the art.

How the heck do you do it? I tried taking many requests and I couldn’t take it. A lot of people are picky, which I understand bc it’s for your story, it’s mostly all romance and I strongly dislike romance, and it takes me hours to complete them usually.

Like do you just forget about them all the time? Do you just half try and do them sloppily? Is that your whole life, doing episode art? I just don’t get it.

So artists who do requests for many many (many) people; how do you do it? I always get so stressed out taking that many requests.


@Jeremy could you please close this? Thank you!

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Sure thing @SmileyOcto :wave: :lock: