Taking few requests

Thankyou for requesting! I will let you know soon if I have a spot available🥲


Thanks a ton ma’am <3

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Hii! Your art is beautiful! My story I’m writing during this summer is called Stars of Destiny and it’s a sci-fi/romance!

Anyways no worries if this is not what you were looking for I just saw your art and was amazed haha. I’m also gonna follow your IG lovely. :blob_hearts:


The male is Nathan Yi Rodriguez and he is of Japanese/american and Mexican descent. And he’s a human, and is head space commander & an astronaut.

The female is Andromeda Zagorka and an alien species called Saterian. And she’s the daughter of the king & queen of there planet Sateria.

Extra: Andromeda’s eyes glow a little as well as her arm markings, her wings are also big angel- like wings

In the pose reference Andromeda is on the left and Nathan is on the right!

Thankyou for reuqesting! I already have decided three requests but I will let you know soon in case I have more spots :two_hearts:

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hey can u tag me when open

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Sure will!

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1st request completed
For @Sharma_ep
Here you go!