Taking FREE Background requests (OPEN)

Ahhhh just you saying that is so sweet! I’m def going to try and update those drives with more collections more often!

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I just purchased :slight_smile: I might be dumb, but I purchased the 10$ membership but it doesn’t show all the perks of the previous tiers.

The “Limited Edition Colored Filters” are apparently for $5 tier members but not $10. And is there a Google drive for the paid content, or just on the Patreon page?

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Thanks so much! And to hopefully help, i release two collections for each member. so there should be a colored filters full collection that’s available to you. the limited one you’re talking about is for the $5 members.

I should rewrite my $10 description to add that you’ll get everything in my other subscriptions plus exclusive access

Every time a collection is released you’ll see a limited version and a full version, since you got the Creator’s you’ll get access to every collection with “FULL” in the title!

and yep, the drives are posted and organized in my collection on Patreon. like using the Patreon itself as a drive if that makes sense :sweat_smile:

So yea! if you check out the collections page, everything should be organized there but let me know if you need help finding something!

Only for the $5 members, but not the $10? Usually, people would offer everything, including $5 perks, especially to $10 instead of charging separately or making it strictly $5 only. You’re also saying that you will get everything the other tiers will get, which is why I’m confused why that $5 wouldn’t be available. That’s what I’m getting at, sorry for the confusion.

Oh no I totally understand! I tried to make it easier and releasing two collections because the $5 members do receive more than what is in my free drive, but less than what is accessible to my creator members. So in the case of the colored filters, you would receive all the colors I have available, but I make a separate posts so that each tier still receives what is available to them.

So like how in this collection you can see that there are two colored filters, one says “limited” (which is for the $5 members) and then one says “full” (for my Creators). The “full” has every color that is included in the free drive and the “limited” collection plus more colors. But rather than me uploading a file with the limited colors then a separate file for the additional colors, (saving you having to download multiple files), I go ahead and zip all the colors that you would receive into one and make two separate posts for each.

So you’re still getting what’s in the limited, plus the 10 extra colors for being a Creator in the case for these overlays! This is also to prevent you from downloading duplicates cause I know when I have duplicate files it gets messy for me :joy: So trying to help keep everything organized!

Unfortunately I’m not able to toggle the visibility for members. So I can understand why it can be seen as you not having access, but I can assure you that you’ve got access to it all!

Hey! I just finished your BG and it’s uploaded in my drive with some overlays as well! Sorry it took such a long time, I wanted to make sure it looked good!

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Thank you so much :sparkles:
I checked it! It’s really beautiful :heart:

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I’m so glad you liked it! I tried to keep it fun and colorful but also not just a spam of randomness :sweat_smile:

I finished your city streets we talked about! I decided to do a day and night version in case you needed it 🫶🏻 It’s up in the drive for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I finished the living room in a 1960s theme that you asked for! You can find it plus the overlays in my free drive :two_hearts:

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Less Request, More Inspiration Giving Background Ideas lol

Streets - all the streets, poor neighborhoods, mansions and gated estates neighborhoods, dirt roads, town ‘main street’, city street corner, parking garages, parking lots.

Shops: specialty shops, bookstore-cafes, boutiques, movie theatres, car dealerships, you name it, someone could use it. lol

School: Gymnasium (regular, not prom) Basketball court, Football Stadium, Field Hockey, Swimming Pool/Competition Pool, Club Rooms (The G.S.A., The A.V. Club, The Dungeons and Dragons (or a knock-off name), Drama club, Theatre Stage

Exteriors: Schools, Hospitals, Parks, Houses (varying 'affordability), Townhouses, Community Center, Town Fountain, Banks, Restaurants (cheap hole-in-the-wall to fine-dining and nice linens)

Different ‘world’ environments - streets of far-off lands, ice planets, desert planets, different places within the world (streets, shops)
Dystopian World - Destroyed City Streets, Collapsed Buildings, Disaster zones, Hazmat zones, war-zone level damage.
Enchanted Castle - Foyer, Royal Bedroom, Sitting Room, Nursery, War-Room, Throne Room

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I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing, i’ll definitely be using them as inspiration for future collections

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Episode is good at randomly incomplete ‘sets’ lol For example - 13 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (numbers are made up but it’s an accurate representation of Episode’s backgrounds.) We have so many backgrounds of bedrooms but barely any other house-related rooms interior or exterior. We have hospital halls and one hospital bed background - no other hospital areas. And that’s just a couple examples – my favorite is only doing a day or night version of a really pretty/well made background. lol

Hope the suggestions help :slight_smile:

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Hey Dizzy! Could I request a baby clothing/furniture store? Like with strollers, cribs, and/or clothing?

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OOO that would be so fun! yes! I might have to get it to you tomorrow if that’s alright but I will definitely get that for you!

They do! I totally agree on the incomplete sets part too! That’s why I release full background collections as well, Like every room in a cabin include day/night exterior, police stations with all their rooms, etc. (both are collections I’ve released)

It’s so nice to have these sets when you’re trying to world-build

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For sure!! Thanks so much!

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Exactly! And I think episode is under the impression that people either live in mansions or government housing because there are no real “middle class” backgrounds for house interior or exterior.

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I’m thinking the same thing! it’s on my list to just make like so many versions of houses both inside and outside so people can have a “house” that all fits the same theme.

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Oh, I do have a request - a one bedroom apartment fit for a writer/teacher pay-level? I’ve been using a subsitute that’s close but involves a lot of zooming to make it work lol like everything in one room situation but not a loft style if that makes any sense?

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