Taking Free INK Edit Requests

I’m looking for anyone who would like an edit done. It can be a story cover, character card, overlay, or just an edit in general. I’m trying to get more practice in my edits to get better.


(Sorry I only have one example, but I only just got back into editing.)

If you’d like to have an edit made, please put the character(s) details (max four characters), outfit you’d like to wear (can be INK or LL), pose, and vibe you’d like to be presented.

Please don’t forget to give credit to my instagram @/ashtyn1raine.

If no one responds to this, we pretend it never happened.

bump im so bored :sob:

Hey you could freestyle with my deets :heartbeat:

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Once I’m finished with the edit (it might be a day or two before then), would you be alright with me posting it to Instagram?

Perfectly fine babe as long as you tag me @talesbygutz :kissing_closed_eyes::heartbeat:

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