Taking requests (INK)

Hello! Whoever you are, wherever you are! I hope you’re doing ok and safe from corona :smiley:

Since I am now in isolation, I am looking for something to do. I wanna take some art requests. This is not an art shop, I will someday, hopefully, make one or even join an art shop but anyway. I’m just looking to make people happy with a small art gift, all you have to do is follow the simple form below :point_down:

I will take a couple of requests then close this topic :blush: and no, I don’t have any ART examples but i do have edited examples, just looking to improve :+1:


INK only
Male or female? (MAX 2 CHARACTERS)

Character details

character details + please add if there are tattoos, specifics for hair. ect.


Please specific how you want the clothes if not in portal.
If they are limelight clothes, please be cautious that some clothes in limelight do not work for INK.


Whats the theme, is it supernatural like scary? Schoolgirl? Badboy? ect, ect.
Now I can do custom poses, but you need to explain in very good detail. No pictures.


Please give me a specific background, no ‘idk’ or ‘you choose’

thanks dudes :dove:

Just a small edit I did for my story ^^



character 1:
skin: tan
face shape: oval
eyebrows: defined natural
eyes: upturned feline - brown
hair: straight - black
nose: soft natural
lips: classic - terracotta

character 2:
skin: light
face shape: soft heart
eyebrows: medium soft arch
eyes: upturned feline - blue
hair: beach wave - fawn
nose: soft natural
lips: full round - orange crush

pose: can you make it so that character 1 is on character 2 her back, and that they are posing for a photo?
background: a park

here you have something to do for your time in isolation. thanks and good luck! :hugs:

Ok! Are they looking in a specific direction? Or what are their facial expressions? :nerd_face:

Hi there! You can you my character details, if you’d like:

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 7.50.56 AM
(Sorry for the pic sizing!)


These are here details, but please change her eyes to ROUND CLASSIC(Hickory)


Skin: Honey
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Hair: Shoulder Length (Black)
Eyes: Gentle Almond
Face: Diamond
Nose: Strong
Lips: Smirk (Taupe)

For the poses, you can make them silly or cute. The theme is sweet as well, if this describes enough. You can chose the outfits! If this helps you decide, the girl’s style is dark and edgy, while the guy’s is sweet and somewhat Jock-ey lol. I’m not a picky person. Have fun!

they’re facing right, and any facial expression that makes it look like they’re having lots of fun is good.