Taking Splash Cover Request

I’m making cover art and splash screens for free will only take a day

Here’s some examples:

Of course yours won’t have the example sign on it and it won’t look as bad as these ones
Just answer these questions to get one

1.Character details
2. Specific background look
3. What are you looking for splash/cover/loading etc…
4.Optional Story your using it for
5.How many characters are on the cover
6.What style Ink,Limelight,Classic
7.Email Address or other social media or messaging site app to send to
8.Text wanted on splash/cover
9.Small,Medium,or Large Cover

Those are all the questions anything else needed to be added in just add it in if you want
It may take 12-24 hours to complete

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I like to make covers to and I was wonders if u can show me some tricks?

What do you mean by tricks?

idk really know im just wondering how u like to make ur edits, like how do u get those poses? do u just screen shot them?

Do you have an example of sizes? :slight_smile:

Well I use PicsArt and things like IbisPaint X to cut out the picture and I also use PicsArt to edit the picture as well as a free online site called Pixlr. To get the poses depending on what kind of pose you want if you want to make a custom pose I’m not the one to ask, but for the poses I usually go to the website on my mobile and just save it or screenshotting works as well but the quality won’t look very well

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If you’re creating a story I can make any of the sizes
Like for one panel its 640x1136
Two panels 1280x1136

It depends on how many zones you want it to have but most of the time it would just be one panel

My character (screenshot is provided) is Limelight
Skin is Rose 02
Eyebrow is Arched Thick Styled
Hair is Short Wavy Ombre in Purple Lilac
Face is Diamond
Nose is Round Button Upturned
Lip is Small Heart in Pink Medium Gloss

The background can be really simple, it could be a simple purple-ish blue-ish colour.
It’s a loading screen (It will say the name of the story that will be specified later)
I’m using it for my story called “A Cookie for My Love” it’s a drama romance and it’s not published
the text should say the title (A Cookie for My Love)
Small I guess, just one zone.
If you need anything else just ask. Thanks.:blue_heart::blue_heart:

Okay it should be done in less than a day do you have any social media or email you want me to send it to, or just send it through forums

Forums is alright. And no rush, if it gets done in more than a day that’s fine there’s no deadline.

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Here are three different versions if you don’t like it than I can make it different

I love them!!:blue_heart: : Thank you! I’ll try to get them approved and add them to my story right now. :slight_smile:

Do you have any instagram or anything you’d like me to credit, or just the forum name?

Sorry for answering so late but my instagram is Miss.Niaa

Another Example

Okay! i’ll credit it you and put the splash in after i get it approved!