Talented Artist Needed (URGENT)


hey just wondering if someone could trace this drawing and cartoon it so it fits the character descriptions below.

Character Descriptions

Keep the same but change the hair so its an aqua grey
Keep the same


Thankyou Phoebe xx
Ps. Private message me examples and if more info is needed send me a private message.


Episode Gold would love to help if you’d like

~Teah One of Four Presidents :grin:


hey would you mind sending a few examples of your work


I could try an drew help too I don’t you would like…



I can help
@Flynnopily and @MariG would you like to try?


hey could you try send some examples if you have any


@MariG I dont have your cartoon examples but ik you do cartoon :confused:
I also do cartoon
some examples:



hey you u stole mah cartoon lolol it’s fine!


It was friggin examples for our group!