Talented Cover Art Drawer

I need someone that is a talented artist to DRAW a cover art for me I don’t care how long it takes. Please request down below if you would like to do it with some of your examples and I will private message you with more information if i choose you to do my cover. If you want credit just let me know and I will credit you at the start of my story.

Angelina could do it

I dunno if I’m what you’re looking for but I have an example an I can contour
lol its so cruddy


Thx for the request not to sound rude but I will be waiting for more request so I have options and then choosing my favourite examples.

thats ok its not rude my drawing is cruddy anyway lol

I would love to make your cover art

Can I please see some examples

I could make your cover art! Some examples are below.


My profile picture is the best example but i have some more