Talented Cover Artist Needed!


I need an extremely good cover artist… Can you tag one or if you are one put some examples below and I will review and tell you if I have chosen you!!!


Hey! I don’t really think I am the best at covers but I think @Kalizzza is really good at those! and @Circe_dreamteam


Aww thx


Thank you!


I recommend @Episode.Bomb. Check out their thread!


I am in the group… lol


This is an example of my cover.


Thank you so much for offering! It’s awesome. I am just gonna wait and see who else might reply if that’s ok with you?


Sure and I also recommend @Kalizzza and @Circe_dreamteam as well.


Lana that is really good!!!




I’m definetly not amazing, but I think I’m kinda good. These are some examples.


They look great! I’ll get back to you soon. :wink:


Hi I’m here now :wave:


I recommend @episode_bliss


@lanafrazer_episode and @Lunar_Rose thanks for recommending me!


Hi here are a few of my examples I could find on my phone



the first pic is new and the second is my first cover