Talina's Edited Art Shop! ✨ [Closed to Catch Up]

Welcome to my art shop, where you can place requests for all your Episode-related editing needs! :sparkles:

What I Can Do:
:sparkles: Character Edits (no more than 3 characters)
:sparkles: CCs
:sparkles: Backgrounds
:sparkles: Overlays


Character Edits




Limit 1 request per person. And please, do not thread hop. That will make me very sad and I will cancel your request :pleading_face:

Password: password lol :skull:

Character Edits
  1. Is this a cover? Art Scene? Intro/Outro? PFP?
  2. How many characters?
  3. Character details
  4. Outfits (can be custom)
  5. Background
  6. Pose
  7. Password (blur it please)
Character Cards
  1. Name
  2. Character details
  3. Outfit (can be custom)
  4. Background
  5. Pose
  6. Password (blur it please)
  1. General Description of what you would like (be specific)
  2. Reference images (or images to be blended together)
  3. Size (1 zone, 2 zone, etc)
  4. Password (blur it please)
  1. General Description of what you would like (be specific)
  2. Reference images (or background from which to cut out overlay)
  3. Password (blur it please)


:sparkles: Please note that I am a full-time student and work 2 additional jobs. I will try to complete all requests promptly, but it may take me some time. :sparkles:


  1. @mimiepi
  2. @Zenith_01
  3. @Ryder14
  4. @ft.baka
  5. @JPassen
  6. @lilydiamond

While my edits are 100% free of charge, I would greatly appreciate any donations to my Kofi (https://ko-fi.com/nataliacreates). All art takes me hours of time, usually taken away from my sleep :persevere: However, I really enjoy doing what I do, and even the smallest of contributions gives me the motivation to keep going (and help pay for ungodly American university tuition fees fffffs)! :hearts:

Happy requesting!! :sparkles:

:sparkles: Link to my drawn commissions thread:


nvm lol


BUMP!! Good luck!!! :heart::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: Your artwork is amazing!! :heart::heart::heart: Might request smtg later xx :leaves::sparkles:

  1. Name:YARETZI

  2. Character details:
    Female Soft Body Gold 4
    Arched thin deep brown
    Straight Medium Cool dark brown
    Deep set false lashes smokey eye brown deep
    Defined Natural
    Full Round Pouty Neutral Medium Nude Matte

  3. Outfit (can be custom): any spy like outfit as long as its black.

  4. Background:

  5. Pose:

  6. Password (blur it please) password lol :skull:


I would love it if you could make me 3 CC cards!

  • Name
  • Character details

Male athletic body: rose 02
Eyebrows: Straight Medium Scar: Dark Brown
Hair: Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled: Dark Brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded: Blue Deep
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Medium Heart - Fair Neutral Matte

Extras: Full body tribal skull lace ink tattoo
Scar right eye 08-10 (I think that it the number)

  • Outfit (can be custom)

    Please add scar right eye 08-10
  • Background
    Any throne background
  • Pose
    Any pose with him holding a gun
  • Password (blur it please) password lol :skull:



Characters details

Female Generic Body: Neutral 02
Eyebrows: Arched Thin High - Dark Brown
**Hair: Medium Side Bang Double Bun - Golden Brown **
**Eyes: Delicate Almond Falsies - Hazel Dark **
**Face: Triangle Defined **
**Nose: Grecian Soft **
Lips: Full Heart Pouty - Beige Light Gold Matte

You can design anything flirty but sophisticated

Again anything with a throne

Can she be holding a rose with a blush face

Password (blur it please) password lol :skull:


Character details

Male Generic Body - Neutral 03
Eyebrows: Straight Medium Scar: chestnut brown
**Hair: Messy Undercut: Brown Black **
**Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded: Brown Medium **
**Face: Male Generic **
**Nose: Straight Pointed **
Lips: Full heart Natural- Fair Gold Matte

Any Prince themed outfit just make it blue please

Again any throne

Him holding a crown would be great with a flirtatious look

Password (blur it please) password lol :skull:

It would be great if I could get pngs of the poses too


If you can only do one CC card just Willow will be fine


Hi, there, I would like to start off by saying I absolutely love your art style! And if you ever have time, is it possible for you to create a character edit for my story?

  1. Cover (story title: Game of lies)
  2. 2 characters
  3. Character details

Female Athletic Body - Rose 02
Straight Medium - deep brown
Long Straight Wavy Ends Parted - brown black
Deepset Upturned Wide - brown medium
Defined Natural
Full Wide - orange deep matte


Male Athletic Body - gold 01
Straight Medium Scar - deep brown
Medium Messy Fluffy Parted - black jet
Narrow Almond Deep Sunken - brown medium
Chiseled Angular
Grecian Narrow
Medium Heart - beige deep natural

  1. Outfit:

Brielle: any black spy outfit will work (i attached a reference below, but you can totally do anything you want with the outfit as long as it is assassin / spy related)

Logan: any royal outfit will work (again below is just a reference, you can totally do anything!)

  1. Background

  1. Pose

  1. Password password lol :skull:

Bump :heart: All the best Nat :revolving_hearts:


So talentedddd :star_struck:

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Hi @talina.writes ! :sparkles: :heart: Can I please request a CC?

My Request
  • Name : Mimi

  • Character details :
    Body: Female Generic (Neutral 03)
    Brows: Arched Natural Scar (Black dark)
    Hair: Long down wavy princess braid (Black dark)
    Eyes: Female generic (Brown black)
    Face: Diamond
    Nose: Defined natural
    Lips: Full heart pouty (Neutral medium nude matte)

  • Outfit (can be custom)
    This custom outfit was created by @soul_episodexx

Could you make this pose look like I’m holding a flower?


  • Password (blur it please): password lol :skull:

Thank you so much for considering my request! :sparkles: :blob_hearts:

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I love you’re work! You’re very talented and I just have a question, what if you don’t/can’t donate?

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Just wanted to say your art is absolutely stunning!

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Here is my request!

Character card

Name: Maddie

Character deatails:
Body:Female athletic body, neutral 03
Brow:Arched natural, light brown
Hair: Long straight loose, blonde medium
Eyes: Female generic, Deep blue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Gercian soft
Lips: Full heart pouty, peach gloss

Any outfit that is cozy

Any background

reading a book

Password: password lol :skull:

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Hi could I request a character card? :smiling_face:

Character Card
  1. Name Nyx
  2. Character details

Female Generic Body in Gold 1
Arched Natural in Black Jet
Hair Flip in Orange
Angular Slender in Ice Blue
Defined Natural
Full Round Flat Top Skin in Neutral Medium Nude Matte

  1. Outfit (can be custom)

  1. Background
  2. Pose
  3. Password: password lol :skull:
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Request accepted! I’ll start on this ASAP. You are currently number 1 on my list. :sparkles:

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Request accepted! I’ll start on this ASAP. You are currently number 2 on my list. :sparkles:

I can add you back onto the end of the waitlist for the other two, if you like!

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Request accepted! I’ll start on this ASAP. You are currently number 3 on my list. :sparkles:

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That would be great! Thank you!

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Absolutely! All my active slots are filled, but you’re number 1 on the waitlist! I’ll try to get to your request ASAP :sparkles:

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No worries! My edits are free of charge; the donations are totally non-obligatory and for those who can/would like to. You can still place a request and I’ll complete it. :hearts: