Talk About it: Anxious-ness

Ever just felt like at least one day you can go without worrying? Well, in my life, that’s impossible. I’m nervous constantly 24/7. Even the littlest things get me scared. example: a softball game. Today, I had tryouts for Softball, and it was scary for me. Cause not only was this my first year trying it, but I’d be on a team with some people I’m not even familiar with. Due to my anxious-ness, it caused me some problems: going to the bathroom, 24/7. Hyperventilating. Bite my nails. Have stomach aches. Sweat A lot. And other stuff.. Thankfully, I was better then expected and hopefully tomorrow I’ll find out if I made it :wink: (Update Tomorrow :heart:) Not only that shi- having to be dealt with, but, I have swim meet tryouts tomorrow as well. It gets on my nerves sometimes on how I can be so anxious yet I’ve done this 3 year already. I’m already freaking out. Then, I have awards dinner. And I’m dressing up sMeXy for my crush, but it’s just giving me anxiety because we want to sit next to each other, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to. So I’m scared our plans may backfire, again.

Sometimes I just don’t know how to cope with my anxious-ness. Anyone relatable to stuff like this??


Oof yes I can relate! In gym, I’m sometimes put into groups randomly which I HATE! I stress out so much and panic as the people I’m usually paired up with are so competitive and obnoxious to the point where I can’t stand them. I wish teachers knew how I felt as I don’t feel safe nor comfortable. Anxiety has just adapted to my everyday routine and I really hate it. I can’t even do simple tasks like ask someone I don’t know to politely move or to order something at a restaurant. Honestly, just relax and don’t tense when sitting next to your crush! Just don’t over think it, once you start talking you’ll forget about your worries!


For real. I hate it so damn much is that they don’t understand what I’M going through. And for example: I miss a shot in basketball, and then the competitive ones get so angry at you, you feel guilty for no reason.

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Yesss! Okay, I won’t lie. I’m pretty shit at sports but don’t yell at me and embarrass me for one minor mistake like Jesus! Relax, you won’t even remember this game by tomorrow. And these girls even bully their own friends and I’m not talking about teases but physical abuse like wtf! I dunno what kinda friendship they’ve got going on but yeesh. I hate them :joy::joy: It’s always my friends being paired up but I’m always with random ass people :unamused:

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sometimes i wanna just like be like, be in my shoes ;/

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They probably wouldn’t care honestly, it doesn’t hit them until they finish school that they have shitty traits :joy::joy:

they like little shnaps

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Aww I relate so much to this :sweat_smile: I know how it’s like to live with anxiety. For me even when I just talk to people I’ll always think back about the conversation about how I said something a certain way or how awkward I was just around them. And I’ll constantly get thoughts in my mind wondering if that person thought I was weird and the impression I left with them.

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one thing that i hate is, how i feel lonely and someone to talk to, so i go to my friend, but they’re talking to their man, or my crush, and it’s awkward when i get there. it’s like i’m the third wheel… like i’m sorry for ruining your “conversation”, but shouldn’t i have someone to communicate to as well?

I understand what you mean. That’s happened to me before when I’m with my two best friends since it’s three of us. Like you feel so awkward cause you want to talk but then it’s like they’re in their own little world and you’re just that extra person standing there.

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and it sucks so bad :sob:

Omg I know anxiety way too well! Other than occasional social anxiety, I also get super anxious in unfamiliar places and in tests. Though in tests it usually starts with anxiety and turns into a full blown panic attack. and not just school tests, or any big tests, literally any kind of test that I’ve ever had to participate in my life. I had a school test yesterday (it was a small one, but supposedly it was preparation for a big one and I pretended it was the big one) and i got there really anxious and then definitely had a panic attack, blacked out, started hyperventilating, got a serious headache, started shaking and eventually I just handed it back empty. I’m gonna fail, I know, fuck.

Another lovely example, a few days ago I met a really nice (and hot, really hot) guy that I talked with for a while and then he asked for my number, which I obviously gave him, and then I was overly anxious about that whole thing-- and kinda regretted not asking for his number. it was like nothing, I got a text from him like an hour later, but ya know, my old friend anxiety decided to be a bitch again.

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I get that…a lot. And to top it all off, I feel like no one is there to support me or help me through all the stress and anxiety put on me.

I really hate anxiety. It makes me overanalyze way more than I should and makes me isolated.

makes my stomach turn into knots.

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That too.

i’ve had anxiety for basically… my entire life lmfao. it sucks because literally everywhere i overthink everything which makes it worse and idk. it just sucks. it’s gotten worse in the past years, i’m pretty sure.

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