Talk Animation not playing

I used the animations talk neutral and talk_notepad_neutral on two lines of dialogue.

On the first line of dialogue, it doesn’t work and she keeps a straight face.

However, on the second line she talks.

This can be seen here.

When I used the curtsey animation, it worked perfectly fine on the first line of dialogue. :thinking:

How can I fix this?


I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do?

Do you want her to speak without any animations?

I want the animation to play while she is speaking.

Sometimes when you preview it on the line of the animation, it skips it on the previewer, have you tried to see the line before it?
Maybe that’ll work.

Yes. I’ve tested it in the app.

I’m going to try adding something prior. Because this is the start of the episode.

Ah, yeah…Maybe try to do
@pause for .1

So it’s barely noticeable?

I added an animation prior and a pause and it worked :thinking:

Thanks I’ll try that now.

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