Talk_asleep? Wouldn’t that be a cool animation?

Would it be cool if there was a talk_asleep or something? Btw, my name’s Dasha, lol. Anyways, back to the topic!
It would be cool for me, because I see stories where the character is asleep, but he or she is supposed to talk. We don’t talk with our mouths closed, right? Comment or like if you support this idea!
The more, the bigger the support is! :wink:

  • Dasha

It’s in the wrong section…
Move this topic to the art and feature suggestions and I will definitely support this :heart:

Lol, sry :joy: hopefully Jeremy or Ryan will move it!

@Ryan, @Jeremy can you move it, please?

@dasha_author don’t forget to change the title to fit guidelines :slight_smile:

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Moved! Feel free to review these guidelines and edit your title so that it follows them :slight_smile:

Okie dokie! :+1:

Support, support!

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Closing as this doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests :v:t2: