Talking about boys ;)


@Juann and @ihicks01 and @Iforgotmypassword don’t suck :neutral_face:




Hehehe I have a bf and I kinda went off on him for no reason last night…guess I should go apologize :sweat_smile:


I feel like that a would be great thing to do :sweat_smile:


Welllllllllllll…I mean I had a right to be mad though


Well if he deserves it then nah I guess :grin:


I Was busy dreaming bout boys

Lmao :joy:


Well he was posting pictures with these long ass paragraph of girls on his story

and he never put me on my story :expressionless:

Well not until my friend told him to


Nope then you did a good job tbh I would do the same thing too


And there was a picture of a girl in a fucking bikin/thong/bra and I was like oohhh helllll nooooo


I have a crush on someone at work which I’ve denied to myself for a while lol


and not even just a coworker, but my ASM :sob::sob::sob: i’m a shift MOD, so working with him is and was…thrilling, to say at the least :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:


i think this guy likes me and i dont know what to do. ill make this short our class was walking to somewhere for our trip and basically the friend of the guy lets call him IS turned around and looked at me, J (my friend) or M (my other friend) we were also supposed to be in pairs but i like to drift around ok. so IS looks at me then pushes the guy who may like me lets call him A backwads and A got like agitated if thats the right word and a period before i was helping A and his other friend was like awwe and teasing him. hhhhhhhhhhh


Sooo while we’re on the topic of talking about boys. :laughing:

My boyfriend is on the forums @Andy.smith and I am really really glad to call him my boyfriend. He is kind, sweet, caring and always compliments me. I love him so so so much. :heart::blush:


I’ve never had a crush on a celebrity :thinking:

Anyways, in total, I’ve had two crushes (not at the same time), and sadly, I never talked to them, so…

BTW, I was going to add something else, but decided to leave it lol


I love talking about guys
I promise this guy in my 8th hour is so cute.

I was thinking of dropping that class bc i felt I was not doing great in it but not as much as I want it to be. So he went up to me and told me that I shouldn’t do that bc he thinks I’m smart enough to try harder. He said that if I wanted help I could text him or meet up with him and give me pointers. He was trying to convince me to stay in the class and now I’m pretty happy bc I sit next to him and I just realized he’s so sweet and cute. :blush:


Omg you go Les he seems like the great guy for you!


Sitting in my car, waiting for you-ooh-ooh, lalalala


I love -->
Corbyn Besson
Jack Avery
Reece Bibby
George smith
Blake Richardson
Twan Kuyper
The young Leonardo DiCaprio
Shawn Mendes
Charlie puth
Noah Centineo
Kaj Van Der voort
Ed sheeran

OMG this is where I live for! Good job @Iristrdo!!


Corbyn is mine!!!