Talking about drag race s11

YO! Who do you guys wanna win s11 of rpdr



If not her then at least Brooke Lynn. And if not Brooke Lynn then at least A’keria. I do not think Silky has what it takes to win.

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honestly fucking hate silky

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Yvie Oddly is everything the house down but after Sasha and Aquaria who fucking knows who’s gonna win?

I brush out laughing when I saw this, it reminds me of my dope Geography teacher. He watches RuPaul drag race and my friends and I spend the entire lesson talking about it with him :skull::skull:

honestly hated Aquaria last year.

I wish I went to your school

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Right?! Like sure, she’s a good comedian, but really that’s it. Like just simply winning the challenges isn’t enough to be qualified for the crown. You gotta deliver in every aspect and her runway work is often terrible!

Plus, I just don’t like the way she suddenly changed gears from “Lol, put me in the bottom. I’ll sing for my life of I have to lol!” and when Ru actually does she wanna act right?! That’s not to mention after this deep ass feud she kept up with Yvie, who is mature and honestly tried to apologize for what she said about her being talentless, she suddenly wants to be buddy buddy now that she’s had a taste of the bottom?!


Omfg, I really wish Vanjie would have stayed instead of her. Vanjie and Yvie were my favorites.

Totally agree. Yvie is such a different individual that it makes her perfect for the crown.
One thing that really angered me was when the kweens were getting make overs and Silky said that she was allowed to state her opinion and other girls weren’t. Total put off if you know what I mean. she is only on the show for screen time not to actually show the world who they are and what they can show, ya know?

also. I am so upset for nina leaving. she is such an amazing role model.

EXACTLY!! Yvie is really into her own and she doesn’t sacrifice herself and style to impress because she finds that golden balance and just kills it! Sure, it’s gotten her into some hot water but the ingenuity is there and it’s so great.

As for Silky, I liked her in the very beginning because I really like goofy people, but the further into the season we got, the more I saw she can’t take criticism, she relies too much on one characteristic, and she doesn’t care as much as the other competitors. Practically lazy and uncaring ya know? Scarlett was right for questioning why Silky was still there because hell I’m thinking the same damn thing!

I was mad Nina went home!! Like damn she crushing it and one misrepresentation on the runway cost her her spot?! Like what the hell?! She was actually striving to take in the judges critics and grow better but they cut her short! I was also furious when Scarlett went home because that girl was good!! That elimination was bullshit! This shit is rigged! No one can tell me otherwise! :joy:

If Yvie or Brooklyn doesn’t win. I will drop kick all the producers! xD

Jinkx Monsoon was a ginger goblin 90% of her runways but she mopped, personality and talent is way more important.

so truueee

I’m gonna be so damn sad if Yvie doesn’t win :frowning:

I feel a person shouldn’t rely simply on their personality to get them through or just a few a factors and not others because that leads to a dangerous comfortability to the point they don’t feel the need to grow in others areas.

That and because there’s always going to another person that has it all/more while another has just a few areas to impress others off of.

But then again I just got back into this show and didn’t watch the season this Jinkx was in so :man_shrugging:t5:

I would be honestly so happy to see Yvie and Brooklyn lipsync after the last one they did leading to them both staying. reliving that moment would be so iconic!

Oh my- That episode had me panicking so much. I literally paused it and didn’t come back to it for a whole day because I was so scared for who left but Ru had mercy!

Oh man, now that you mention it that seems likely. Do they make the two likely winners lip sync before announcing the winner?? I can’t remember if they did that.

I feel like it would be Yvie vs Silky and then Brooklyn vs A’keria. just so Silky and A’keria can be beaten leading to the actual final performance. cos we all know that Yvie and Brooklyn could outperform both A’keria and Silky. that’s what I think is going to happen anyway.

Right. Ru herself said they were both lip syncing assassins. There’s no way they’ll be easily beaten.

But put them against each other and they might as well crown both of them.