Talking about Silencing within the community


What happened?


look around in the thread a bit you’ll see. [Limelight] Props to you!


They only flagged certain posts.


Yes, the ones that gave opinions about it you really only see positive stuff.


And the ones that talked about appropriation (which was true).


Welcome to our world.
See, they don’t like it either but they won’t hesitate to do it themselves.




It’s funny how the one of the Moderators gave us an explanation to they they silence us but it’s still ridiculous. Lemme explain why:

  1. It takes you so long to even notice a damn offensive post against a minority or hate speech against a minority group. Hell, some of the racist posts are still up today and are not even hidden or flagged. When people expose you of your true nature, that’s when you want to flag us instead of the actual offender. They never suspend the actual offender. Never.

  2. We were just stating how they are not doing their jobs right by flagging and banning and suspending the wrong people. They do and yet we get silenced but not the offenders and obvious trolls. Ans yes, we do not like the team. Look at how bias you are and treat us. You just close things you don’t like instead of what offends minority groups. Look at that diversity thread above, It was offensive yet they left it up. But when we talk about us being silenced and how they need to do a better job, we are closed and unlisted. :face_with_monocle: Basically proving out point they don’t do their job right.

  3. Like I said, hate speech to minority groups or offensive comments to them aren’t even immediately flagged but when we defend ourselves, it is and we are the ones that suffer punishment. How is this a community that doesn’t tolerate hate speech and other disrespectful things but yet you see some of them unflagged all the time. Gruesome. Yet those threads aren’t immediately shut down. it takes them forever to do so. :face_with_monocle: Basically in this community–You cannot defend yourself, defend others, speak on the negativity of others, the hurtful comments on others, the hate and bias of the community without getting flagged for speaking the truth. And that’s that.

I don’t need to go on any further, I think you get my point. Watch this get flagged immediately and then closed and unlisted for me saying this. It’s okay though. They’ll just be proving my point again.


I’d like to learn how they can say “wE dOnT tOLeRaTE HaTe” when they leave all of those ugly posts.




Oh wow. My friend just got put of hold and my other is suspended, yet the racists and trolls aren’t on hold, suspended, or banned yet. Hmmm…-Isn’t that weird you said you do not tolerate hate yet you don’t ban, suspend, or do anything to the people that actually do so? That isn’t towards you Mods.? :face_with_monocle:


Right, so, I was told to come here to talk about the silencing issues, so that’s what I’m gonna do, J E R E M Y if that’s even your real name. I wouldn’t actually care all that much, but this has gotten really heated for a lot of people I personally like lately. People getting suspended, (Super polite people might I add, like @Willowbean, super smart people like @ShanniiWrites who would be able to handle this site better than any moderator here, and also @EpisodeShadow who. I like :D)

So I’d just like to put this here, because I was told not to. And I know it’ll get flagged, I might get suspended, but it has to be said. The moderators don’t know what tf they’re doing. I don’t know if it’s personal bias, if they’re not very bright, if they have a political agenda, but for people who preach about Diversity, they sure as hell don’t show equal force.

Should probably just get better Moderators to be honest. :man_shrugging:


@ShanniiWrites!!! You are back! :smiley:


Prime example of silencing:

Any other duplicate topic = gets merged or closed

“Duplicate” topics that criticize m*derators = closed and unlisted




The thing that people don’t seem to understand is that a lot of the things that have been silenced are not definitively against the TOS. In fact, sometimes there’s no answer whatsoever. Apparently, saying “let’s get back on topic” warrants a flagging for BEING OFF TOPIC and I got no reply whatsoever when I asked the mods why that is. Maybe they’re busy, maybe they have no answer for me. I don’t know. All I know is that it’s frustrating how much things have been tightened unfairly and changed recently.

It is very easy to skew the TOS, so I recommend arming yourself with the facts about the TOS, your rights and the law. That way, if you feel unfairly flagged or silenced, you know that that is a violation of the TOS in itself. You’re given these forums under the pretence that you’ll be able to use them if you don’t break the TOS. If you feel you aren’t and you have the proof, it might be worth gathering the evidence and submitting a ticket. You don’t deserve to be unfairly silenced. This is not off-topic. This is not inappropriate. It is not rude or hateful. It is the truth. If it gets flagged, we all understand what’s happening here.


I went through the whole of that thread and I could not find a single instance of direct hate towards the mods.


Person: Insults and puts Hate speech on Islam and Niqabs
Person: Only gets flagged
A Muslim: Defends Religion and Niqabs
A Muslim: Gets put on hold then suspended




I kid, you know I think that thread was a ToS dumpster fire, and not because of you