Talking and votes for featured stories

Hi, guys. Rose Okuchi is here! Thanks for watching my videos. Anyway, Today We are talking about featured stories! (What you think about featured stories?)

I must say they are awesome to read but unfortunatly then have been copied from movies!

Give votes for the following by replying:-

Demi Lovato:- (3%)
Pitch perfect:- (3%)
Falling for Dollar twins:- (-1%)
It start with a bra:- (-2%)
Love & War:- (0%)
Mean Girls:- (3%)
Pretty little liars:- (3%)
The baby project:- (0%) (because 1 vote has given to this story that means "-1+1 = 0)
Living with my crush:- (-2%)
Force vampire:- (0%)
Betting on the Boy:- (0%)
Cameron Dallas: started with a lie:- (0%)
I married a Prince:- (2%)
Bad boy 's Girl:- (1%)
Crush on Mr. Bad boy:- (0%)
Troublemaker :- (0%)
Marriage by law:- (2%)
My brother’s best friend:- (2%)
Matchmakers:- (0%)
The Royal baby:- (2%)
Haute as Hell:- (0%)
Kill my love:- (0%)
The Secret of Rain :- (0%)
The Bad boy Bachelor:- (0%)
Recently Royal:- (0%)

More votings will be done in my next thread!
If you read those stories then answer. Don’t guess and answer, please!

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Liked: Pitch Perfect, Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls
Not Liked: The Baby Project, Falling For The Dolan Twins
No Real Opinion: It Starts With A Bra, Demi Lovato
Not Read: Love & War, Forced Vampire


_emphasized text_I see…

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Demi Lovato: started, good, never got time to finish

Pitch perfect: not read

Falling for Dollan twins: not read

It start with a bra: NO WAY! LIKE WHAT?! WHO CAME UP WITH THAT?!?!
(no offence to whoever came up with it lol)

Love & War: not read

Mean Girls: good, although I haven’t finished.

Pretty little liars: really good!!

The baby project: not read - started but didn’t seem that good

Living with my crush: I read the old one so didn’t bother read the new one, so not read

Force vampire: not read

Betting on the Boy: not read

Cameron Dallas: not read

Started with a lie:

I married a Prince: good story

Bad boy’s Girl: good story

Crush on Mr. Bad boy: started, but not finished

Troublemaker: not read

Marriage by law: good story

My brother’s best friend: good story, to my surprise…

Matchmaker: not read

The Royal baby: good story

Haute as Hell: not read

Kill my love: not read

The Secret of Rain: not read

The Bad boy Bachelor: not read

Recently Royal: not read

~ Winter :snowflake:


Updated post above with the new options. :wink:


Demi Lovato: Like
Pitch perfect: Like
Falling for Dollar twins: Not read
It start with a bra: Not read
Love & War:- Not read
Mean Girls: Like
Pretty little liars: Like
The baby project:- Like
Living with my crush: Don’t like
Force vampire:- Not read
Betting on the Boy: Not read
Cameron Dallas: started with a lie: Not read
I married a Prince: Like
Bad boy 's Girl: Not read
Crush on Mr. Bad boy: Not read
Troublemaker : Not read
Marriage by law:- Like
My brother’s best friend: Like
Matchmakers:- Not read
The Royal baby: Like
Haute as Hell: Not Read
Kill my love:- Not read
The Secret of Rain : Not read
The Bad boy Bachelor:- Not read
Recently Royal: Not read


Thank you guys…

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile:

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