Talking or changing a character during dialogue

Hi, so I’ve seen people do this in their own episodes and I wanted to know how I can have a character change action mid-dialogue. Like for example, I’ll have one character talking and I want another character to move while they talk how do I do this?

&CHAR is talk_netural AND CHAR2 is blush_shy

lol. i couldn’t think of no other animation


&CHARACTER is animation THEN CHARACTER is animation


Does THEN still have the same use as AND or is it different

Got it, I’ll try it and hope that it works :crossed_fingers:

Hm, I think I misread your question.

If you want a character to do 2 different animations during the same dialogue, use THEN.
If you want a character doing an animation while another character is talking, use the & sign.

It worked THANK YOU!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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