Taller And Shorter Characters In Scenes


Okay so in my story I wanted to make the main girl somewhat shorter than the main guy, but my question is how do I keep them the same sizes throughout the episode’s and the entire story in general? Any help or tips on this would be great!


You have to use spot directing for that…


I know how to make them bigger or smaller and I’ve done that, but I was wondering how to keep them that size when doing things like walking in a scene.


I don’t think that you can just keep them that way you just have to remember the size of the character whenever you place them…


Yeah I know, but when walking I was confused on the coding, like if there was a specific way to do it to make them stay that size with the codes that I have for the size I want them to bewhile directing them for example, to walk out of a scene. I see this in almost all stories I read.


To have it out of the background with the size that you have you have to make the character exit on a spot that is not visible as in have your characters walk off screen to a spot…
This way they will remain the size that you selected for them when they exit the scene…


Okay, Thank you for the help!


U r welcome


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: