Tal's Coding 101 - Questions & Help With Directing

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, university is taking over my life ATM :weary: I’m not quite sure I understand your issue? Is the character that’s supposed to be in front of the desk behind it for some reason? Is it just offscreen? What animation does your character use?

Try changing the is into a does it while and add at the end of your code ”THEN CHARACTER starts idle”. Let me know if it helps!

It is alright. I understand.

And no.

There is one character behind the desk but I wanted to have two persons in front of the desk. I tried putting one person in front and only a little bit of them shows.

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Do you mind adding a screenshot of what it looks like? I’m having trouble understanding what’s going on :hushed:

Hey does anyone know how to use clickable overlays?

I tried @///Dara.Amarie guide but still couldn’t figure it out if you know how that would be amazing :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you checked out this guide?

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Thank you I’ll totally check that :blush:

Ummm hi Tal! So I am an avid follower of you and used to follow your insta and really loved ur stories (still do n read them). I do remember reading on @ksenia.stories’s IG stories that Insta had wrongfully removed ur account and you had made a new one. So I didn’t follow ur new acc at that time and now here I am not knowing what ur acc. is. So can you please tell me what ur acc is. And I know it is not a coding question so it will probably be flagged

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Hi, of course! My new account is @writtenbytal :grin::heart:

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Hi Tal!

I’m learning coding as I play your tutorial and I’m at spot directing. The problem I’m having is when I scale and move a character and copy and paste into the script, the adjusted height is not saving even though I did save. I created a separate IG account where I posted a video of what happens since it can explain better than I can.

Should I post the video here or should I just tag you on IG?


Hi I’m wondering how you can make a character face another way so they turn around?(In advanced coding)And by the way your classes have really helped I didn’t know anything about coding before i watch your classes they really helped and I’m only up to episode 3. Thanks.

When they’re facing away from the camera, the “face direction” command is always backwards. So if you want them to face right, you’ll code “&CHARACTER faces left” and vice versa for the other direction.


If you tag me on IG I might reply faster, as you can see I barely enter the forums because school is a distraction, but you can also post the vid here!

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If you continue reading, it is explained how to change facing direction! I think it happens in episode 4 :grin::heart:

hey i added an art scene in my story and now i am confused about adding dialogue plz help

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Hi! I’m not quite sure what trouble you’re facing, but you should position your characters offscreen and adjust the speechbubble placement :grin::heart:

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Does anyone know how to make your own overlays on a chromebook? So stressed :woman_facepalming:t2: . Thanks so so so much if you can help me!

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try https://pixlr.com/

Thank you!!! It works <33

Sorry for the late response!

Ok I’ll tag you to show you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks Tal :purple_heart: