Tal's Coding 101 - Questions & Help With Directing

Heyy tal, so I wanted my scene to be like, when I pan to zone 2 the character is already standing there doing whatever action. But what happens is that when I pan, the character appears out of nowhere and I don’t want that to happen, please help

So sorry it took me so long! School disconnected me from Episode :slightly_frowning_face:
There is no animation called idle_happy. It’s either idle_happy_loop or idle_happy_pose.

Hi! First put your character in zone 2 and only then pan there :slight_smile:

I’m make sure Im fix that right now

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That worked thanks!

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Hi there! I’m following your coding course and I ran into some issues with lesson 15 (speechbubbles). I have the command down, but I’m not sure where in the script I’m supposed to put it. It’s not letting me put the picture in, but I put the command underneath what the character says.

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Hi! The speechbubble command needs to come before the actual speech, and reset as soon as you’re done using it! For example:

@speechbubbe is 100 200 to 100% with tail_top_right
Enjoy the story!
@speechbubble reset

Thank you so much!

bump love this thread :slight_smile: