Tal's Coding 101 - Questions & Help With Directing

The lower the layer, the further away the character is from the camera. So switch their layers and it should work.

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I had a issue for my characters just suddenly pop after being spot directed…what should i do so they look as if they’re since beginning

Web capture_17-7-2021_155251_www.episodeinteractive.com

Also the weather effect stops after the character enters …what can i do about that?

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Hi! Try spotting your characters first and changing their outfits later :relaxed: Let me know if it helps! :heart:


@overlay LAF opacity 0 in 0
&overlay LAF shifts to -64 167 in zone 1
&overlay LAF scales to 1.000 1.000

@pause for a beat
@overlay LAF opacity 1 in 8
@pause for 0.5
@overlay LAF opacity 0 in 8

this isnt showing up on the portal and everything is correct

hey , hope you’re doing good.
I wanted to know to know how to zoom and pan while the narrations/dialogues continue to display
i mean to say that in a scene it is zooming / panning to particular dimensions/zones or over a character but along with the character is saying the dialogue or performing a particular animation

Hi! You can do this by using the & symbol in front of your pan or zoom command. You can learn about it in the first episode of Coding 101, which is free to read :relaxed:

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