Tan arm overlay

hi! i’m not very good with making overlays so could someone make an overlay of just the arm with the skin colour being tan? it would be really appreciated and i’ll give you credit :heartpulse:

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I don’t think so…

I can do it, and that color isn’t tan.

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It will take me a second :relaxed:

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Do you still need it? If so I could do it.

Lmao, yea. I know all skin tones of ink chracters :joy::joy:

Honestly, I have all the names of the features in my head. :expressionless:

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Uh okay :sweat_smile:

Is this alright? :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks really good!

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that looks amazing! thank you so much, i’ll credit you :purple_heart:

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Credit isn’t required, but thank you! <3