Tap able outfit cards needed

I want my outfits to be tap able instead of the normal click a choices and then the character changes and then you see the outfit. I just want the reader to see the outfit from the get go. :slight_smile: So if anyone can make me some outfit card overlays I would love that. I will list below all details. :slight_smile:

Everyday outfits background color Yellow with pink flowers.

Date Outfits background color Pink with Blue flowers

Prom outfit Black background color and roses

Please leave what I should use to credit you with. Your forums name or you Instagram. Thank you so much

I did that for mine too and it looks great U did mine with hangers
Anyways I got mine from @Forever1201 she dud an awesome job

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All clothing is PNG so you can use an app to place the clothing onto your desired background yourself, I personally use ibis paint but there’s plenty others out there.

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Thank you ill ask her :blush:

@Forever1201 would you have time help me out please :blush:

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