Tap overlay within X seconds, or else: Is it possible?

So I’m doing a scene where you must catch an overlay by tapping on it within a specific timer, or else it would hit you. I’m wondering if it’s actually doable? I finished the tappable choice “if caught” scene but have no idea how to trigger the scene where the time runs out. Thanks in advanced! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tap the necklace on-time to catch it!

&pause for 1.5
&DAMION is splash_treadwater_give_happy
&overlay PENDANT opacity 1
&overlay 5890206910644224_PENDANT shifts to 95 256 in 1
&overlay 5890206910644224_PENDANT scales to 0.362 0.362 in 1.5

goto catch_fail

&zoom reset

@transition fade in white in 0.5


&DAMION spot 0.766 196 122 and DAMION is idle_treadwater_happy_loop
&ZOE spot 0.536 267 282
&overlay 5890206910644224_WATERBLOCK shifts to 125 -159
&overlay 5890206910644224_WATERBLOCK scales to 1.000 1.000

    ZOE (talk_excited_happy)
I got it!


label catch_fail

(Fail scene)


I don’t think timed tappable overlays are possible yet. But, you could try moving the overlay in and out of view and telling the reader to tap it when it appears instead.

success scene
else {
failure scene

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!! :blush:

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