Tappable and remember choice


I chose to put a choice with tappable overlays.
I also tried the choice naming option to use this information later on my episode.

Problem: it doesn’t work. Here is my (streamlined) script:

tappable (FBOOK)
“BOOK2” {
“BOOK3” {

if (FBOOK is “BOOK1”){
elif (FBOOK is “BOOK2”){
else {

EVERY time the else option is selected
It is normal it doesn’t work? It is because of the tappable choice or 'cause I am dumb and made a stupid mistake?

Your coding is correct and fine. I just tested this on both the web previewer and in the app. In the app it works perfectly. But for some reason the web previewer won’t even let me tap, it just goes straight to the else. As long as it works in the app, then it’s fine. You will just have to preview your story in the app for this scene.

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I tried this script on my phone and it didn’t work (still dunno why 'cause my script was really just like the one above). I don’t know why. Anyway, I used to point system and it works perfectly fine.
Thank your for your answer and your amazing guides and templates @Dara.Amarie

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