Tappable Arrows for Hair and Lipstick

I am trying to do something different with my story, and was wondering if there is a way to use tappable arrows (like the dressing game one) but for both hair and lipstick? I just want to give the reader 3 choices of each.
Thanks in advance.


I think so! :relaxed:

I’m not sure I don’t think so cause they are lots of makeup and hairstyle to choose from the arrows? I’m not sure!

I only want 3 different hairstyles and 3 lipstick choices.

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Oh ok So I think it ok! I can try and make it for you if you want just tell me the hairstyle you want

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and lipstick

I tried to use one of dara’s templates (the tappable arrow dress one) obviously making modifications, I would still give her the credit, but when I tried to do the changes hair into I got error messages that hairstyle didn’t exist even though I know it’s the correct wording. I am hoping someone can make me the template.

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I can try if you want!

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awesome I want 3 styles does not matter what order
Long Straight Loose Solid
Side Swept Updo Long
Updo Curly Long
The lipstick choices I want are
Rose Gloss
Red Gloss
Red Deep Gloss,
I do plan on doing outfits in the same format, not sure if that is something you might need to know for formatting purposes.

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What’s the name of your character?

and is your story limelight cause that is what I’m doing!

Yes it’s limelight and her name is NAME LOL


just NAME

ok thanks!

thank you so much

no problem!

I’m done!

there is- just look it up on google. You really need to learn the basics and more cause you keep asking stuff

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to ask for help on the message board, considering I haven’t been on the board in months, I had no idea this wasn’t allowed.

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