Tappable Buttons ONLY appear on INT. BLACK - NIGHT

What the title says ^^ Everything in my menu’s coding is luckily fine - no errors - but the overlays won’t show up with any other Episode background. Is there a reason why? I don’t mind if I can’t do anything about it, I’m fine with the plain black background, but just thought I’d ask! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Edit: I didn’t create a game menu OV, but as I’ve already uploaded my buttons that were previously created, I’m not too keen on creating one :confused:


INT. BLACK - NIGHT ← If this is replaced with EXT. FOREST BRANCH PERCH - DAY, then the menu becomes invisible

label start_menu

@overlay START create
@overlay START shifts to…


Could you show how the script looks?
It could be an Episode glitch but it’s too strange for a glitch.

Hi @luckywrites It might be something to do with the number of zones background, INT. BLACK - NIGHT has 2 zones & EXT. FOREST BRANCH PERCH - DAY has 1 zone maybe the overlays are moving to a weird place?? Maybe try and change it to another background with 2 zones see if it shows up?

The INT. BLACK - NIGHT background is an extremely tiny image. Adding overlays to this background makes the overlays extremely large and you’d have to scale them all the way down to fit the background. So if you had already scaled your overlays to fit the black background and then you replace the black background with a regular background, the overlays will be super tiny on the regular background.


I thought it was a glitch, but apparently the OV’s needed to be scaled larger to be seen :0

Thanks a ton, Dara! I just scaled them up and now it’s all back to normal :smiley:

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I did put @cut to zone 1 but apparently all I needed to do was to scale them up! Cause they’re like micro-sized from when using INT. BLACK - NIGHT.

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Great you sorted it out! This was actually interesting to know about, :smile:

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