Tappable Customization Drive!

Hey! I realized that I never made a post about this. A little while ago, I opened a (free!) drive with tappable customization templates. The coding, overlays, and instructions are all laid out for you! I currently have six styles available on the drive for both males and females, and I plan to make more. Here are what the templates look like:







If you’d like to see some of the templates in action, visit my Instagram: @kennedychasewrites!

If you’d like to access the drive, tap this!
You’ll also be able to access a link to a “story” where you can test the templates.

Got questions? Feel free to message me here or on Instagram! And, if you have ideas for future template themes, please tell me those as well!

I worked quite hard on this drive for weeks, so please share it with friends! This is a resource for everyone :kissing_closed_eyes:

Have a good day! <3


Thank u so much for this drive (:

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This is amazing and it’s so lovely of you :blush: Thank you so much!

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OMGG this helped so much Thank you!

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Hi thank you for this! but i’m having issues with it, It’s saying certain labels don’t exist