Tappable drssing game

Hey guys,
can somebody help me with tappable dressing game. I’m stuck with the coding and I don’t know what to do :woman_facepalming: It would be great if you would be able to dm me with some help. Thank you in advance :pray:

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Dara has some great templates on her website!
TEMPLATES | Dara Amarie (dara-amarie.com)
There is also some guides to code other things

I saw her templates but I guess I’m pretty dumb because I can’t understand some stuff :sweat_smile: :joy:

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Which ones do u need and I’ll script it for u (:

Just give me the character involved’s name (:

I.e = Dressing template (give me the name of character being dressed)

I can’t understand where I should put 2 more outfits. I mean I want to tap on the arrows so there would appear other outfits. But I don’t get if I should put them behind zone while there are others outfits or maybe do the opacity in 0 if you get what I mean, I’m not good at explaining :joy: And I don’t understand the coding when I tap the arrows :woman_facepalming:

Who’s template is it so I can start from scratch (:

As well as what are the names of all outfits u want used (:

in general I have 4 outfits, 2 on the one page and 2 on another, and I want to be able to tap on the right and on the left arrow to see the other 2 options

That’s fine, I’ll give it a go (:

Who created the game template so I can start from scratch (:

As well as what are the names of all outfits u want used (:

That’s the names of the overlays:

And what do you mean by “who created the game template”? :thinking:
I mean I did these overlays by myself if that’s what you’re asking :sweat_smile:

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Thank u & I mean where can I find the dressing template without all the outfits & character names added (:

I can send you them, but character name is not needed, you can do any name, I’ll change it :smiley:

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Okie, thank u (:

To your question you need the outfits to be ofscreen because if they would be on screen with opacity 0 they still would be tappable and one of the overlays will cover the other one.

For the arrows … since you have only 2 “slides” each with. 2 dresses no matter if reader will tapp lef or right arrow it will show them the same “slide” .so in this case you actually do not need 2 arrows. :wink:

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I think what she is trying to say that there is no template she needs “completly new” template from scatch since such as she wants doesnt exist.

Okay, that’s great. At least now I know that I need to put 2 other outfits out of zone :see_no_evil: Thank u for explaining :pray: now I hope that M_H_C_Episode will be able to help with me coding :joy:
And I know that I don’t need 2 arrows, but you know, I just want it to be like a endless circle. So it doesn’t matter which arrow I should tap. Also I will need it in the future because there will be more choices :grimacing:

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