Tappable Menu vs Intro

I was thinking about having an intro for my story, but then I saw a story with a game/tappable menu and wanted to do that, too. Which one should I do?

Game Menu vs. Intro
  • Just Menu
  • Just Intro
  • Menu, but Intro after start button
  • Menu, but Intro as one of the buttons
  • Menu after Intro
  • Other: Comment below

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Feel free to share your thoughts/opinions!

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Bump! :grin:

So I didn’t vote because it’s really up to you what you want to do! And I have my own bit of advice to offer.

For my story, I started off the first episode with the full intro, all the warnings coming in, things popping up, moving, rotating, the whole 9 yards. I kept it around a minute though, cause any longer gets to be a bit much.
Then for the second episode, and the remainder of the story, I go straight to a tappable menu where they can view all the warnings again, points, recap etc if they so choose. Or they can immediately start the story and not waste any time.

I recommend going that route so you don’t potentially irritate readers. I’ve already quit reading stories because I got tired of a 1-3 minute long intro dragging on at the start of every single episode.
To me, having all the dramatics in the first episode is totally cool, but for the rest of the episodes I’d like to just get to the point, ya know?

But these are just my opinions and you’re entitled to do whatever you’d like to do! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That sounds like a good idea. :grin:

I almost forgot about the warnings. :flushed:

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I love tappable menus! They’re so creative lol

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