🤦🏽‍♀️ Tappable options coding assistance needed!

Okay Episode coding geniuses!!!
Could I please trouble you for some assistance? I know that what I am trying to do is probably easier than I am making it… but none the less… I need you guys help on this.

So, I am trying to create three tappable “buttons” if you will, So that the reader can tap on the little tabs, and it takes them to specific sections (welcome message, start the story , art pieces etc). So far, the biggest issue is that I do not want to ask the reader if they want to select the button they wish to tap. I want them to be able to just “tap” the button , and it takes them directly to wherever the button is supposed to take them.
How am I supposed to code this though??? :thinking:
Please help if you can!!!

Main Page

Can you send the script?

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If you need there to be dialogue before the tappable option but don’t want it to show, you can just scale the 100% of the speech bubble to 0 and it wont show :slight_smile:

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The script parts are absolutely incorrect and incomplete… ( as a fair warning ) I just don’t quite know how to write the proper coding in order to make the tappable “buttons” lead to the different sections.


What are your errors saying?
As far as I can tell your coding is okay with your goto/labels - but as I said previously, if you need dialogue before the tappable option you can just scale the speechbubble to 0% :blush:

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Where you have written &ui… etc you dont need to repeat ui prelude tag throughout the same line :slight_smile:

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Oh… sorry,
I do not have any errors per say. I am just trying to create I guess advanced directing, where you tap on the “button” and it takes you to a specific section . But, the “buttons” are not tappable. So, I am trying to inquire about how to code the tappable “buttons” properly as I am still writing the script.

The buttons might not be tappable because you have an error on line 5.
Try getting rid of the extra ui’s and see if that works. Don’t forget to follow that throughout the rest of that section of coding as you don’t need to repeat ui within the same line.

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You know what? I have a few sections in my script where I have used &ui , and I don’t even know what it means. What does that mean? Is that a substitution for the @overlay? It has been working, but I don’t know what the H-E- double hockey stick I’m doing!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So &ui pins an overlay to that spot so it doesn’t move when you’re travelling through the scene if you get what I mean?

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Well… that’s pretty flippin neat!!! :+1:t4:

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It’s used a lot in visual customisation you may see in some stories where you click on the buttons to take you to like skin, lips, hair etc.

But do let me know if you need anymore help - my inbox is always open :slight_smile:

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Thank you…
Welp… I removed the other “ui” and the script went to shyt. So I put them all back. I guess what I am asking about is how do I create the coding necessary to make the tappable “buttons” lead to like the intro that I create for the story?

Why don’t you copy and paste me your script (rather than screen shot) through to PM and explain what you want to happen i.e. what goes where, then what I’ll do is I’ll tweak it and send it back to you? :slight_smile:

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Okay so I’ve done some research and the ui does need to stay in there, that’s my mistake!
However, like I said send me what you want to happen etc and I can code the tappable stuff for you :slight_smile:

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Oh not a problem at all… I appreciate your assistance. I am literally taking a crash course in trying to create the type of story that I want visually/ interactively. So I am finding out new things daily!

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if i’m correct, you want all the buttons to be tappable?
i went ahead and just added everything from your screenshots.
you can just copy and paste this entire thing and it should work.

For them to ALL be tappable at the same time, you need to code it like this…

@KAIRE LYNN ONE changes into Kaire_Darling

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_greet_shy)
Hello there!

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_flirt_charming_atcamera)
Thank you for selecting to read my very first Episode story “Dirty DeLoria”.

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
I just wanted to inform you that the first Episode will be spent giving you an overview of the main character’s background through the eyes of…

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_gossip_atcamera)
The main character…

@KAIRE LYNN ONE is laugh_chuckle

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_gossip_atcamera)
I’m sorry… I don’t get out much…

@KAIRE LYNN ONE is laugh_giggle

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
Any who, there will be animated scenes, but for the most part, there will be more background story to read.

KAIRE LYNN ONE (talk_sad_atcamera)
I hope that this will not deter you from reading. I promise this is the only chapter designed in this manner.

goto start_story

#You can add your credits within these brackets as I have done in the prelude or have it completely separate under a label AFTER the brackets
goto story_credits


label start_story

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Thank you so much!!! Let me see if I can fix my script now. :heart:

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If there are any complications let me know and i’ll be happy to fix it for you :blob_hearts:

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Thank you so much!!! :heart: :hugs:

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