Tappable Overlay Advice Needed

Hey guys! I have (what I hope to be) a pretty simple question regarding tappable overlays.

I’ve done lots of research about this, watched lots of tutorials and finally created my own set up. However, now I’m so excited and nervous that I don’t know how I should go about uploading it into the catalogue :sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:t2:

What I mean is…

Here is my background (it’s a 3 zone and I also plan on making it pan-able):

I currently have this entire background saved as is. I ALSO have the finished button and each individual outfit saved as its own transparent OL.


Should I upload the plain background and each of the individual overlays separately, then put them all into the script at once? If I do this, can I make the overlay itself tappable or do I need a 0 opacity overlay behind it?

Or should I upload the background with everything already on it, and then upload a plain rectangular image (I’ve seen this be used before) and set as a 0 opacity to use behind each of the outfit options?

I’m clearly wayyyyy overthinking this and I’m sorry if my questions don’t make sense :sweat_smile: I just don’t want to upload more items than necessary! :woman_shrugging:t2:
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :grin:

This is what I do. Put 5 invisible overlays over each outfit. It doesn’t have to be rectangular overlays, you can resize Episode’s overlays as well.

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if you upload the plain background with all the individual overlays, i don’t think you’d have to position a 0 opacity overlay behind it. (i personally find it satisfying to see the overlays ‘tapped’, if you get what i mean.) but that’s just my opinion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

that looks amazing, btw!

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Okay, thank you! :blush:

So I would be able to make the outfit overlay also be tappable? :thinking: I thought about just doing the coding that way but I wasn’t sure if I needed something behind/in front of it ya know :joy:
I watched Joseph Evans tutorial on making a keypad because he shows how to make it look like it was ‘tapped’ so I was thinking of maybe making one of my Star overlays pop in, but I need to get these uploaded and coded right first :joy:
And thank you!! It took me so long to do :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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i don’t think you need something in front or behind it, but you can try that i guess. the star overlays sound really cool :star_struck: honestly can’t wait to see the final product. send me your story link if it’s published!!

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I’ll just upload everything and see which works best for me! :laughing: Thanks for the advice!

My story is called Within Her Soul :blush:


I recommend waiting until episode 4 is published before reading, because this dressing game and the other one I have created are going to be put into episodes 1 and 3, along with some other updates and fine tuning :blush:

okay, i’ll look out for it. thank you :heart_eyes:

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