Tappable overlay help please

Hi! So I am having a little trouble with tappable overlays.
I have been trying to use tappable overlays in my recent chapters but I have been having a problem. When I’m on my computer previewing it, there is no problem. But then when I preview it on my phone the overlays don’t work

Does anyone have any advice?

Can you post here your code?

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You can view your inventory at the end of each episode,

And you'll be able to learn about it.

You'll also be able to open your inventory when you need an item from it.

You can view your items now or return to the story

tappable “KEY”{

@overlay KEY opacity 0 in 1
@overlay KEY opacity 1 in 1

You found this key in Kraken's office.

You don't know what it goes to.

But it looks like a door key.



I believe the else has nothing to do there

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Even when all my tappable overlays lead to something it still doesn’t work.
With this

tappable “DONE”{
goto after_points
goto points_totals
goto view_inventory

All my overlays work except my inventory overlay

do the done and points work?

Than check the overlays sides and borders - the script reads the overlay as an rectangle - if you have a lot of empty space around the overlay the script still read the whole area as an overlay - and using tappables the overlays should not overlap - be one under another,…click on the overlays in preview and you will see the rectangle…check thay do not cover each other.

Also check the place in script where you create the overlay - the might be some mistake or typo…

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The done and points work fine. Theres no overlap of overlays. I’ve checked for typos but I can’t find any. But essentially every tappable overlay I’m trying to create doesn’t work

if any works in your phone but they do work fine in preview it might be problem of your phone then. Tappables are in beta testing and they do not work on all phones.

Did you ever read story on espisode on this phone where ware tappables?

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Yea its a relatively new phone, and i’ve read plenty of stories with tappable overlays without problems. I’m just worried about publishing & it not being a problem with my phone so anyone reading gets stuck

if the story itself isnt published, you can sed a link to somebody to test it.

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but its normally working on your phone Its really strange.

Just in case can you give here the part of the script where you create scale shift atc the overlays?

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I do already have the first few chapters published.
But this is a picture of all the scale shift & tappable is all in view. None of these three overlays are working. Also, I appreciate your help a lot!

OK - it a blind shot but are you 100% all the codes with numbers are copy from the preview?- because it seems to me like the same numbers next to overlay name - but every overlay has it own number as far as I know…

Try to delete all the numbers infront the overlay names -the 64375…

:pensive: didn’t work. I’m so confused why it’s not working. The overlays I have for dressing games work fine but for some reason some of the other ones just won’t work

if you will give me the overlays I can try the script in my portal

These are the overlays I used from the picture
Thank you so much!
kick duck punch

giv me a second…

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Thank you I really appreciate you!!

So I tried to simulate your script

&zoom reset
&overlay DUCK create
&overlay DUCK shifts to 0 480 in zone 1
&overlay DUCK scales to 0.424 0.424
&overlay DUCK moves to layer 4
&overlay DUCK opacity 1 in 2
&overlay PUNCH create
&overlay PUNCH shifts to 119 471 in zone 1
&overlay PUNCH scales to 0.388 0.388
&overlay PUNCH moves to layer 5
&overlay PUNCH opacity 1 in 2
&overlay KICK create
&overlay KICK shifts to 250 485 in zone 1
&overlay KICK scales to 0.352 0.352
&overlay KICK opacity 1 in 2


All works for me - but what ever I choice I cant tapp the others because there is no label and goto to go back to the tappable choice…dunno if you wanted this to work like that or …might this actually be the problem?

also check if you have in scene any other overlays (no matter if it has 0 opacity) on what layer they are - thay cant be above your tappables.