Tappable overlay help➡️

I need help with tappable overlay I’m wanting only one overlay tappable but I do not know how to code for it.

It’s the same as coding choices! Say your overlay is called PLAY. You’d write:

“PLAY” {



I tried that but i get this message image

Could you screenshot that area of your script?

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Try getting rid of the space between line 147 and 149?

Now I’m getting this I don’t know what I’m doing wrong……

Why does it say pan to zone 3?
In your script in see pan to zone 2?

Because i changed the zones but it didn’t help

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Uhm, try changing it back?

If you look up how to make tappable overlays, Joseph Evans has an amazing video for how to use and make them!

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I will do that his videos have helped me a lot in the past I didn’t even think :sweat_smile: lol


I finally got it figured out thank you all so much for the help!

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