Tappable overlay issue

Hi There,

I am creating a hairstyle and lip colour tappable menu and when i tap one it doesn’t allow it to change to the next one to choose a different choice

So the first tappable is the bottom menu then you click the brush it brings up the hair options but then i can only click on one of the hair option i cant make different choices

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do the overlays go over each other?.

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yes, like when i test each one being tappable they all work but i cant change my choice once i’ve tapped it

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tappable work same as choice. you will have to use lables.

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If you only make the tappable/choice once it will only work once. unleash you use labels. but then you need a done button

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it wouldn’t allow me to use labels within a tappable choice

Have you looked at how cc works. it works the same way. do the labels the same way.

you can put goto into a choice. but labels has to be before or agfter

Yeah I don’t have issues with CC. When i use the labels with the tappable it tells me this “You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or { }”

I mean a cc templet. have you looked at how its works. it should work same way. just with overlays instead of choices

It was my tappables being within a tappable I have now got it to work :slight_smile:

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