Tappable overlay menu help

so im guessing my code is wrong because I can only tap the first overlay in the code but idek what I’m doing wrong…
Screenshot 2022-04-04 9.56.37 PM

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If someone could share a correct code that would be extremely helpful

how are your overlays? because when you use them as tappables, the transparent part around them becomes tappable too and it might overlap the other overlays so you can only click on the one with the highest layer

the code looks correct to me, could you pose the overlays you are using, they could be the issue

label menu
@overlay CUSTOMIZE create and overlay START create and overlay SKIP create
@overlay CUSTOMIZE to (correct place)
@overlay CUSTOMIZE scales to (correct size)
@overlay START shifts to (correct place)
@overlay START scales to (correct size)
@overlay SKIP shifts to (correct place)
@overlay SKIP scales to (correct size)

&overlay CUSTOMIZE opacity 1 in 0.6
&overlay START opacity 1 in 0.6
@overlay SKIP opacity 1 in 0.6
@pause for 1
goto start
goto CC
goto menu
Do you want to skip this chapter?
choice “YES”
Are you sure you want to skip the whole chapter?
You can’t undo this option.
choice “Yes, I’m sure” {
goto end
} “No, I changed my mind” {
goto menu
} “NO”{
goto menu

I made this code with different overlays and this should work only change the positions and you should be good

I don’t think this is true

I tried it out with other overlays

It took me like half an hour to solve it but it worked

I just tried it and it still works normally - the problem was probably something else

Did you double click? I have no idea if it worked by the first code but when I double click it works for me

I redid the first code and it also works there you just have to click multiple times

no? maybe it’s a problem of connection or I don’t know what, but I never had to double click on any of the versions
this is not the problem the op is having

Then idk the code itself works perfectly fine on my computer

Thank you so much i figured out the surrounding area was to large like @EtherealWitch said