Tappable overlay not working!

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get this overlay to be tappable.

INT. HUT - DAY with HUT with POSTIT1 with POSTIT2
@zoom reset
@overlay 5736921095012352_HUT shifts to -1456 -1292 in zone 3
&overlay 5736921095012352_HUT scales to 3.502 3.502
&overlay 5736921095012352_HUT moves to layer 2
@overlay 5736921095012352_POSTIT1 shifts to 35 123 in zone 2
@overlay 5736921095012352_POSTIT1 scales to 0.153 0.153
&overlay 5736921095012352_POSTIT2 shifts to 78 -99
&overlay 5736921095012352_POSTIT2 scales to 0.082 0.082
@pan to zone 3
@BELLA spot 1.006 205 175 AND BELLA moves to layer 1 AND KANE spot 1.006 205 175 AND KANE moves to layer 1
@BELLA walks to spot 1.006 -116 153 AND KANE walks to spot 1.050 96 153 AND BELLA is run_athletic_neutral_loop
KANE (callout_neutral)
KANE (talk_neutral)
I just need to use the toilet.
@KANE walks to spot 1.050 194 164
&pan to zone 2
@BELLA is think_rubchin
(What’s that?)

Tap the note to read it!

“overlay POSTIT1”{
@BELLA is reach_kneel_neutral
@BELLA is read_phone_neutral_loop

I have got a closing } by the way.

remove the word overlay in front.

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Thank you, my superstar :slight_smile:

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