Tappable overlay not working?

Hi, I’m trying to do a tappable overlay, but it’s not working. I asked on the forum before, and they said to put the overlay name in all caps in the code, but it still isn’t working, neither in the app or preview button. What do I do? Here’s the code:

@zoom on 239 210 to 212% in 0
@RYAN spot 0.614 58 345 in zone 2
@RYAN changes into ryoancommonernohat
@RYAN is idle_lay_exhausted_loop
@RYAN faces right

@overlay HAT create
@overlay HAT opacity 1
@overlay HAT shifts to 140 162 in zone 1
@overlay HAT scales to 0.784 0.784
@speechbubble is 155 80 to 100% with tail_top_right
readerMessage Tap the hat to put it on.

    RYAN (idle_lay_exhausted_loop)
Ugh. What happened?

“Put HAT on” {

@overlay HAT clear
@RYAN changes into ryancommoner


@RYAN is standup_neutral



Try this?

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Did it work?

This should just be “HAT”

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It wasn’t necessary to create multiple threads for this question, if you’d like to move your previous thread up you can bump it.

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